Frequently Asked Questions

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1. After joining, when will I receive my GHIN#?

Joining GOLF, Inc. is not an automatic joining of the GHIN system. Once you sign up for handicap services, notice is sent to the golf course you designate as your home course, who must manually enter your information into the GHIN system. It can take 2-3 business days.

2. What is GOLF, Inc.?

The Greater Oklahoma Links Federation (GOLF, Inc.) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and promotion of amateur golf in the greater Oklahoma City area with an emphasis on junior golf. GOLF, Inc. also has an established scholarship program providing college scholarships to worthy individuals based upon their moral character, grades, and interest in athletics.

3. Why should I join GOLF, Inc.?

Joining GOLF, Inc. provides you the opportunity to participate in amateur golf events while supporting junior golf instruction and scholarship assistance to deserving young men and women in our community with a need of financial assistance for education.

4. How do I join GOLF, Inc.?

The best way to join is here on our website (click HERE). You can also join GOLF, Inc. in person at one of our member facilities.

5. How much does it cost to join GOLF, Inc.?

GOLF, Inc. has two membership options:

  1. 1. Tournament Membership - $20
    Grants the member eligibility to play in all GOLF, Inc. sponsored tournaments, but does not provide for handicap services.
  2. 2. Full Membership - $40
    Grants the member eligibility to play in all GOLF, Inc. sponsored tournaments and includes USGA handicap services hosted at the GOLF, Inc. course of your choice.

*a $5.00 discount for the Full Membership will be offered for registration prior to April of each year.Full membership information can be seen here.

6. How long is a membership good for?

A GOLF, Inc. membership is a calendar year membership for the year in which it is purchased. The membership expires on December 31st each year.

7. Do I have to join GOLF, Inc. to play in one of the tournaments?


8. Where can I post my scores for my handicap?

A Full Membership comes with a USGA handicap. You must select which golf course you would like to list as your Home Course when you sign up. Once you are signed up, you may post scores from the USGA computer at your Home Course, or from anywhere with internet access.

9. How can I contact GOLF, Inc.?

GOLF, Inc. now has an Executive Director, James Reid, who offices part-time at Lincoln Park Golf Course. James can be contacted at, or 405.826.1649. Or, Contact Us.

11. Where does all the money go?

Membership revenue has the primary purpose of funding both our scholarship and junior golf programs.

12. If I am a GOLF, Inc. member at one course, can I play in all the Club Championships?

Yes. Your membership allows you access to all the events on the GOLF, Inc. calendar.

13. Do juniors have to pay extra for a handicap?

If a junior would like to have USGA handicap service, he or she will pay the membership fee.

14. Can I get a USGA handicap for less money if I don’t want to play in the tournaments?

To gain access to USGA handicap service, an individual must pay the Full Membership fee.

15. When does my handicap update?

The USGA does a Handicap Revision on the 1st and 15th of every month. When you set up a new USGA handicap, you will not receive a Handicap Index until the next revision date.